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Lisa and Margie are dog trainers with over 30 years of training experience. We have helped 1000’s of families develop loving, lasting relationships with their dogs. We know what it takes to successfully integrate a puppy into a family and want to help you make that transition as smoothly as possible!

We have learned that keeping all the information about your puppy in one easy to access location helps build understanding, communication, and relationship.

Click the icons to learn how Puppy Tracker can keep you and your puppy on track!

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Let’s start your puppy’s personal
information hub. It’s amazing how
fast they grow! You will love being
able to chart their progress
and keep track of details.
Track your training and see how
well your puppy is advancing!
Refine your progress further by
writing down down what worked
and what didn't work so well.
Want to share a photo of your
puppy? Got a question you'd like
to ask? Our community is the place
to be for all your four-legged
Your puppy’s health is your top
priority. Now you can keep track
of vet records, appointment results
and more - all from a central hub!

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Puppy Tips!

Dog Walking Etiquette

I live across the street from a busy park. This is not a dog park, and the park has very busy road on two sides. Since the mandated lockdowns due to COVID-19, I have witnessed some annoying and, on occasion, alarming things with dog owners. My Dog is Friendly – Your dog MAY be friendly…

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Back to Work Plan for your Puppy

Many of us have been working from home for months. Our puppies and dogs have become used to having us around all the time. In most cases they have become less independent and, honestly more needy and reliant on our attention. Although we all enjoy the time with our pets, we need to ask ourselves…

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Integrating a Second Dog in Your Home

When Joe Allen considered adding another dog to his canine family, he asked himself some pretty important questions.  Do I have the time to devote to another dog, am I willing to train another dog and do I have the financial resources to support another pet?  Joe’s resident dog, Bing, is a hound rescued from…

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