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Welcome to My Puppy Tracker!

Lisa and Margie are dog trainers with over 30 years of training experience. We have helped 1000’s of families develop loving, lasting relationships with their dogs. We know what it takes to successfully integrate a puppy into a family and want to help you make that transition as smoothly as possible!

We have learned that keeping all the information about your puppy in one easy to access location helps build understanding, communication, and relationship.

My Puppy Tracker lets you create a “hub” where you can track and store information to help with your puppy’s development.

House Training

Record their “business trips” on our schedule page and you will be able to predict when they need to go outside. Combine the Elimination chart with the Feeding chart to learn the correlation between feeding and when your puppy needs a bathroom break. This helps you to set up a routine for your puppy and speed up their house training.

Health & Wellness

Upload all health information like vaccination records, parasite control schedules, diagnostic tests like stool sample results, blood work, x-rays, notes from vet visits, scheduled follow ups and reminders in the health and wellness section. This keeps your puppy’s health information easily accessible.


Track your puppy’s development and growth by inputting their diet, feeding schedules, weight gain, and height/growth.  This ensures that everything is on track and helps if anything ever needs adjusting.

Puppy nipping or jumping up?

Check out our blog for helpful tips on successfully teaching your puppy the people rules or post a question on our forum.


My Puppy Tracker allows you to keep a training schedule and track what and when your puppy learns a new command or trick.

Got a Question?

Our interactive forum is a great place to ask questions about development and training. If you prefer, you can email your question to Lisa or Margie at mypuppytracker@gmail.com

Follow our blog for training tips and insight into puppy training and behavior.
My Puppy Tracker allows you to upload photos and videos of your puppy that you can share to your social media.
Let’s get started and let My Puppy Tracker keep you and your puppy ON Track.