Margaret McConnell

Puppy nipping is a common issue. The key is to let your puppy know that you have a zero pain tolerance!

Puppies don’t understand that their sharp little teeth hurt us. Try the following:

1. When your pup’s teeth so much as graze you, very dramatically yell OUCH! The higher the pitch the better.

2. Feed one meal a day by hand. Put kibble on a flat hand. If a tooth touches your hand do the OUCH then you and the food go away for 2 minutes. Start again repeating as needed.

3. If your puppy gets over excited during play and gets nippy EVERYTHING STOPS. No more play, no interaction, no eye contact. Ignore your puppy for 15 minutes then play again. For a puppy, there is nothing worse than being ignored. When they realize that nothing good comes from nipping it should stop.