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    My dog is super smart, knows alot of tricks and even does them simply by making the appropriate gestures without saying anything.

    However, when she’s outside (e.g. on walks), she forgets everything – even her own name! She also shows no interest in her favourite treat (something that she goes absolutely crazy over when inside the house)

    Does my dog have two brains or something? (one for inside and another untrained one for outside?)

    Margaret McConnell

    A smart dog can also be easily distracted! If they have a strong prey drive or are a scenting dog, they are going to tune you out when walking unless you are more exciting than everything else going on.

    The first step is to train an ATTENTION CUE. This should be a sound i.e. a kissing noise, whistle or leg tap. Practice in the house first. Toss a treat, use your CUE and say YES and reward when your dog turns towards you. Once you have mastered the attention cue, try it on your walk.

    Another great exercise is COME FORE – the how to video is available under Training & Socialization Walking on Leash section. This is a great way to redirect your dog.

    A squeaker in your pocket can also redirect your pup to you.


    my dog wants to sniff all the time on walks.  What should I do?

    Margaret McConnell

    If y our dog is ignoring training skills on walks try the following:

    1. Become more engaging! Talk to your pup, change direction frequently, change your pace.

    2. Teach heel. Heel is a great way to get your dog’s attention for short periods during the walk.

    3. Bring special treats and get you dog working…ask for sit and watch me at corners. Do recalls on leash. Ask for sits and downs occassionally.

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